About Us

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PT Dutapangan Harum Gemilau

PT. Dutapangan Harum Gemilau (DHG) is a catering service and production company that was founded in early 2022 at South Tangerang.

We move as an industrial scale catering company that produces and distributes ready to eat (RTE) and ready to heat (RTH) food with the best service and quality.

DHG have fully functioning facilities and an established central kitchen, along with an experienced team in the fields of culinary, nutrition, food processing and provision.

We strive to serve our clients by prioritizing quality, food safety, nutrition, hygiene & supervision as well as service performance.


To become the most trusted catering company that can deliver the highest quality services to serve the needs of the nation.


  1. Support government programs by providing jobs for the community.
  2. Participate in promoting and advancing the tourism and food & beverage industry professionally.
  3. Providing food services with optimal health and nutrition standards.
  4. To be a company that is innovative in providing catering services using the latest food technology, according to market needs.
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